Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I'm not entirely new to the blogging game...

I've been
here, and there. Now I've decided to stake a place of my own. Within a day or two we'll have more to share.

"Sometimes when the printer is waiting for an article which really should have been sent to him the day before, I sit at my desk and wonder if there is any possible subject in the whole world upon which I can possibly find anything to say. On one such occasion I left it to Fate, which decided, by means of a dictionary opened at random, that I should deliver myself of a few thoughts about goldfish. (You will find this article later on in the book.) But to-day I do not need to bother about a subject. To-day I am without a care. Nothing less has happened than that I have a new nib in my pen..."
- A.A. Milne, "The Pleasure of Writing" selected from "Not That it Matters"

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